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Cedar Park First United Methodist Church
HVAC Remodeling

HVAC remodeling began on 13May21 with a short visit from the HVAC subcontractor to size up the job. On 14May21 they returned to demo some of the damaged HVAC ducts and the old plenum. On May 17, the HVAC contractor built and installed a new HVAC plenum in the attic and connected the existing and new HVAC ducts, also in the attic. Final ductwork connections will come after a new ceiling is installed in the restrooms and the Sanctuary ceiling is repaired.


HVAC Remodeling continued on May 24-25 as the new plenum in the attic was connected and various other ducts were installed. The new restroom exhaust fans arrived on site for future installation once the suspended ceiling is installed. The HVAC team was back again on May 27-28 to install the A/C inlets and returns in the restrooms.


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