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Cedar Park First United Methodist Church
Tile Work

Tile work began on May 20 with delivery of the restroom ceramic floor tiles, metal threshold and bags of tile grout. The following Monday, May 24th, the tile crew arrived to begin laying the tiles in the restrooms. Since the ceiling lights were not yet installed, Jane brought in some portable lights so they could see what they were doing. By the end of the day, they had the initial tile laying completed in both rooms with small plastic spacers to get a perfect fit between the tiles. After the tiles dry and set, they can put the grout between the tiles tomorrow.


The work continued on May 25 with final grouting of the floor tiles in the restrooms. There will be tile part way up the restroom walls, but that is a different type of tile than the floor tiles.


On June 8, a 3-man crew came in the morning about 8 am to remove the vinyl tile in the Sanctuary, Storage rooms and beneath the Hallway carpet. They also removed the carpet in the Hallway and Narthex, finishing around noon. All of this is in preparation for laying ceramic tile flooring in the Sanctuary and carpeting in the Hallway and Narthex. The Narthex carpet removal revealed the location of the original Sanctuary east wall when the building was originally constructed. They had to spend some time moving things around. There are still the Nursery and Kitchen to do, but they are currently stuffed with countertops and furniture moved out of other rooms. Yikes! Looks like we are in for some more moving experiences! The good news was that the vinyl tile came up fairly easily, since it had been soaked for days with 1-2 inches of water during the February pipe break during the winter storm and freeze.


On the afternoon of June 9 the vinyl tile and carpet removal was completed in the Kitchen and Nursery following an effort by Jane Howard to move furniture out of the way in those rooms during the morning. Looks like we are ready for floor coverings in all the affected rooms now.


On June 15, the wood-grained ceramic flooring tile for the Sanctuary and Kitchen was delivered onsite along with a large number of bags of mortar.


On June 16, a three-man tiling crew arrived early and began laying the wood-grained ceramic floor tiles in the Sanctuary and Hallway Storage Room. By the end of the day, the Sanctuary was about 40% done and the Hallway Storage Room was 100% done. Of course it all has yet to be final-grouted, but you can now get a pretty good idea of how the finished floors will look. After another day of tile work on June 17, the Sanctuary floor was about 80% completed. Looking good!


The Sanctuary floor tile laying was completed on June 18. The tiling crew then started the wall tiling in the Women’s restroom and also on the Kitchen floor. The Sanctuary floor tile looks great as does the wall tile in the Women’s restroom! They will return tomorrow and Sunday to finish tiling and grouting. On Saturday, June 19th, they finished the Kitchen and the Men’s restroom and the Women’s restroom and they started on the tile wall behind the drinking fountains in the Hallway. They also finished all of the tile baseboards in the Storage rooms and Sanctuary.


On Sunday, June 20, there was a crew of four working on the tile. They finished installing the wall tiles around the drinking fountain area and grouted the sanctuary tile with a light color grout which sets off the individual tiles. Nice! By the end of the day, ALL tiled areas were grouted. Great effort from the tile crew. It looks fantastic!!!



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