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Cedar Park First United Methodist Church
Additional Network Drops

One of the enhancements to the building that we decided to perform as part of the restroom renovation project was to install four additional network drops. The Sanctuary building was never originally hard-wired for networking, having been constructed in the 1986-1987 time frame. We added a basic wired Internet connection from the Multi-Ministries Building in 2014, but this was only to the west end of the Sanctuary and west wall of the Youth Room. Our plan is to add two hard-wired network drops in the Nursery, one in the Narthex and one on the east wall of the Youth Room.


The additional network wiring apparently began late in the day of May 12, 2021. We noticed that the 2014 network drop at the west end of the Youth Room was cut at the wall jack and used as a pull-string up the west wall of the Youth Room into the attic. The way we found out about this was that the Youth Room computer suddenly went offline.  Later we found two boxes of Cat 6 network cable in the Nursery. The network crew had gotten in ahead of the drywall crew to get their preparations in order.


On May 13,2021, Paul, the ITee Guy, was onsite again to continue the installation. We briefly reviewed drop locations for the 4 new lines and a line routing issue in the Nursery which may involve a wall or ceiling cut, which was authorized. We can easily patch the wall and ceiling. They are going to be repainted anyway! Paul stayed on the job until early evening and finished installing all four of the additional network drops. Once the walls are installed, he can come back and finish with the faceplates.


On May 26, the installer enlarged the small cable holes made by the drywallers into a rectangular shape and installed metal anchor frames for the five new wall jack plates. This was just in time before the drywall tape & float crew came in.


On June 4, the drywall guy finished off the NW corner of the Sanctuary filling in the doorway to the Storage Room and installing a drywall panel with holes for the duplex electrical outlet, network and A/V cables to the Sound Booth and network wall jack and faceplate.


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