Cedar Park First United Methodist Church

Grow Spiritually

Read your Bible

Many do not know where to begin when reading the Bible. The Upper Room Daily Devotional Guide will help guide you in this pursuit. Each day they provide a scripture passage and wonderfully thought-provoking and spirit-enriching material to read and think about.  Also, check out the many opportunities for Bible study at Cedar Park First United Methodist Church.


In the busyness of our everyday lives, prayer can sometimes get squeezed out.  Set aside a specific time to pray – maybe first thing in the morning, in the evening, during your lunch break, your commute, or time spent waiting for the kids. Be creative. Then put the appointment in your calendar and keep it. Also, being part of a group can help motivate you to pray:  there are a couple of prayer groups at Cedar Park First United Methodist Church.


Another way to grow spiritually is to take on a new way of serving.  Check out the many ways people at Cedar Park First United Methodist Church volunteer in our community.  How about making a special financial gift to a service organization that we support, or singing in the choir, or participating in a small group?


An important practice with which many of us struggle is the spiritual discipline of rest or Sabbath.  You don’t have to rest on Saturday, the traditional Sabbath day, or even Sunday.  Instead, find moments during an ordinary day to be still in God’s presence.  Choose to spend a few minutes during lunch with a book of meditations, or listen to sermons on your commute, or read a poem that feeds your spirit.


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Worshiping each week on Sunday is a great way to grow spiritually.  On this day, we remember and celebrate what God has done in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  When we gather to worship on Sunday, it signifies who we are and to whom we belong.  On this day, we experience and celebrate God’s abiding presence with us through the Holy Spirit.  On this day, we anticipate and celebrate what God promises to do in our lives and in our world.  Sharing worship and fellowship each week with others at Cedar Park First United Methodist Church will equip us with a strong and vibrant faith.