Cedar Park First United Methodist Church

Ministries for Children

Sunday School







We are small and young in years but through God we are shining stars. All elementary age children are invited to attend our classes each Sunday morning beginning at 9:45 am in classroom 3 of the Multi-Ministries Building.

Acolytes Bringing in The Light

Elementary age children open our Sunday worship services as they bring the Light of Christ into our church. They also assist where needed in other duties during the services.


Vacation Bible School

Our children’s ministries host a Vacation Bible School (VBS) each summer. The VBS invites children to learn about God’s Love, Joy and Faith through several interactive activities.  Each year the theme may differ, but our mission is for the children to discover and know:

God is always here for us
How we are valued
Transform how others see us
We are winners with God

During the Christmas vacation holiday, we also sponsor a one-day Christmas VBS. More details about our awesome annual VBSs are on the main VBS page.

Easter Sunday

The Easter bunny comes hopping through with his special eggs.  The children search for the special eggs.


Christmas Eve Theater

Christmas Play 2021 – Animals at The Christmas Scene – Act 1

Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts

Cub Scout Pack 158

Cub Scout Pack 158 in Cedar Park is hosted by the First United Methodist Church. Cub Scout Pack 158 is part of the Capital Area Council housed in Austin, Texas and is part of the Boy Scouts of America program. Boys are invited to join the Cub Scout program who are in 1st-5th grade (graduated kindergarten) or 7-10 years of age. Programming for Cub Scouts is centered on fun, development learning around Citizenship, Physical Fitness, Care in the Outdoors, and always “Doing your best” in whatever activity to just name a few themes. The family is the center of the program and you will often see 1 or more parents helping with the den meeting or being involved with the youth member throughout. As a Pack (meaning multiple age dens), we meet once a month. As dens, meaning age group specific small groups, we meet once a week except on Pack Meeting weeks. We invite anyone to stop by and visit our pack and learn more about the Cub Scout program. Meeting dates and times are on the church calendar. We can be reached by email using the button below.

Girl Scout Troop 2101

Our Girl Scout troop 2101 has currently 6 girls in it, all in sixth grade this year, and all just “bridged” into Cadettes! We completed our Bronze Award as juniors, which we earned by noting a need within the community, and taking action. That need happened to be the butterfly garden at the church! We wanted to help nurture your butterfly garden, clean up some leaves, and provide a place for Monarch butterflies to lay eggs. We planted some milkweed and other butterfly-attracting plants. We love meeting at your church and wanted a way to give back. We are always looking for service opportunities so please keep us in mind whenever you need a hand. Our leaders’ names are Dana Nathanson and Becky Jones. We meet at 6:30 pm  on the first and third Tuesdays of every month. We are always ready to make new friends and welcome more girls into our troop! If anyone is interested, please contact Becky or Dana by email using the buttons below.

We are searching for people who want to find their inner child.  If you would like to volunteer in any of our children’s ministries, please email us below.