Cedar Park First United Methodist Church

CPFUMC Park Street Frontage Landscape Project

Our Park Street Frontage Landscape Project was begun in the summer of 2018 as a way to improve our care of God’s creation and to make church access more convenient for parents of small children. Our goals for this project are to blend well with the other existing landscaping on our property along West Park Street; eliminate the mud problem for parking in our Multi-Ministries Building parking lot; shield the 4 HVAC units from view from the street; retain all native live oak trees and large pine tree; use plants, trees and shrubs which are native varieties, drought tolerant and deer resistant; screen view of our shed from the street as much as possible while allowing for clear access to the shed front door; and make our frontage an inviting view from the street.

Current status 06Jan19: The Final Landscape Plan (shown below) was received on 12Jul18 from BLA. We have finalized the initial cost estimate based on proposals received for the various main tasks in the project:

  1. Demolish the existing landscape
  2. Excavation for tree and shrub planting as well as for the rip-rap path and area around the HVAC units
  3. Design and build an irrigation system
  4. Provide and Install trees, shrubs and ground cover
  5. Provide and Install dirt, mulch, rocks and boulders

We expect to begin the demolition phase of the project in 1Q19 as soon as the church council approves the 2019 budget. A congregation meeting is scheduled for 31Mar19 to finalize funding for this and other building projects.

Map of Landscape Plan (click on a plant or an area for more information)

Final Landscape Plan by BLA (colorized, Sheet L-1 only) (PDF, 2.85MB)

Final Landscape Plan by BLA (B&W, Sheets L-1 and L-2) (PDF. 1.34MB)

Plants in the Final Landscape Plan — Information and Pictures

Trees, Shrubs, Vines and Ground cover Botanical Name
1 Monterey Oak (MO) Quercus polymorpha ‘Monterey’
2 Texas Mountain Laurel (ML1.5) Sophora secundiflora
3 Agarita (AG) Berberis trifoliata
4 Bamboo Muhly (BA) Muhlenbergia dumosa
5 Big Muhly (BM) Muhlenbergia lindheimeri ‘Big’
6 Compact Texas Ranger (CS) Leucophyllum frutescens ‘Compacta’
7 Fall Aster (FA) Aster oblongifolius
8 Giant Turks Cap (TC) Malaviscus arboreus drummondii
9 Green Cloud Sage (GC) Leucophyllum frutescens ‘Green Cloud’ TM
10 Pink Skullcap (SK) Scutellaria suffrutescens
11 Rock Rose (RR) Pavonia lasiopetala
12 Shrubby Boneset (SB) Ageratina havanensis
13 Texas Sotol (TS) Dasylirion texanum
14 Twistleaf Texas Yucca (TY) Yucca rupicola
15 Webberville Sedge  (WS) Carex peredentata ‘Webberville’
16 Wood Oats (SO) Chasmanthium latifolium


CPFUMC Questions and Comments on the Preliminary Landscape Plan (Google Doc)

Preliminary Landscape Plan by BLA (12Jun18) (PDF, 1.09MB)