Cedar Park First United Methodist Church

Mission Trips

Missions are a key aspect of our life in Christ and vital aspect of the BE LIGHT YOUTH.  We have received God’s love and we in turn are called to share that love with others in the world.  Our BE LIGHT YOUTH are empowered to be the hands and feet of Christ.  It is the YOUTH who use the power tools, do the raking, and make friends with the clients – our brothers and sisters  in Christ.

Our missions encompass a vast array of activities from short half day assists at local charities to hosting a Fall Festival for preschoolers to yard work at the home of an elderly person to long weekends at the southern border repairing homes to week long summer trips with UMARMY.  Rio Texas | U.M. ARMY (umarmy.org)

Christ created the church to a source of hope and help to the least of these.  Mission is where we put our faith in action.