Cedar Park First United Methodist Church
Rough Plumbing Phase

Following completion of the sawcutting and floor slab bloc removal on March 4, rough plumbing began on March 10. They started digging and then stopped. We later found out on March 16 that they have to change the drain system to comply with Cedar Park code. The original drains were not deep enough before they began their run to the sewer line. (That’s why the toilets have always had such a slow flush). We will have to purchase new toilets as well since the current ones have tanks which do not meet the lower “liters per flush” requirement of current regulations. This will mean more sawcutting into the Nursery room to get the new drain routing out of the building. By March 18, the new drain line path and any interfering utilities were marked on the front lawn. We sent the plumber some photos of locations of intervening irrigation lines and irrigation control wiring. We hope this helps with the drain excavation challenge.


Additional sawcutting was performed on March 22. The plumbers returned on March 24 with a digging machine which they used inside the building to dig out the drain trenches down to the required depth. They were back again 5 days later on March 29 to begin digging the inside trenches deeper, apparently to meet the new city requirements. During this effort they found many rocks which are indigenous to our property! On March 31st the plumbers and sawcutters returned again to dig some more and to bore a path (marked with the big red X) under the wall for the drain pipe.


On Thursday, April 1, the plumbers actually began installing the drain lines inside the building in the areas of the restroom renovation. It is a very complex arrangement. The vent line can be seen in the last photo from 1Apr21.


Digging outside the building began on Tuesday, April 6. The process was slow as the plumbers had to wait for the sawcutters to come again to bore a hole through the outside of the slab into the interior of the nursery. On April 7th, the sawcutters came again. They bored the hole through the outside of the building through the slab into the nursery. The plumbers could then finish routing the drain/sewer line inside the building. This was completed on April 7th. On April 9th the inside rough plumbing was inspected and backfilled. It is now ready for repour. The rough plumbing work remaining is outside: connect the drain/sewer to the city sewer at the cleanout near the sidewalk. More digging out to the street.


Rough Plumbing Pipe Routing Video (1:44)  April 7, 2021

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