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Cedar Park First United Methodist Church
Sawcutting Phase

The sawcutting team showed up in the afternoon of March 4 and immediately got right to work cutting sections of the building floor slab to allow for the plumbing changes that we anticipate for the restroom renovation. Most of the plumbing runs in the base slab which is about 4-inches of concrete. The sawcutting machine has a massive 24-inch water-cooled blade.


Once the blocks were cut, they were pried up and hauled off. The cut blocks came right up with a little encouragement from the tall guy on the sawcutting team. He was about 6′-6″ so he had excellent leverage on the heavy blocks! This left the dirt under the slab exposed and ready for the rough plumbing work.


We had an issue with the sewer drain from the building. The original drain, as plumbed, would no longer meet code because it is too shallow. The plumbers will have to dig a new sewer line from the building to the street cleanout to get the required depth. This required additional sawcutting in the Nursery Room to make way for the new sewer drain. On March 22, the sawcutters came and did the additional sawcutting. We should now be ready for the rough plumbing to begin.


Sawcutting Videos (YouTube)

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