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Cedar Park First United Methodist Church

Live Stream Worship Service

Viewing Instructions

Step 1: Refresh this page until you see the live stream popping up in color with the church “tree logo” in the upper LH corner in the large window at the top of this page. This means that the live stream has started and that this page is connected to it. It should look something like the figure immediately above. The live stream typically starts sometime between 9:50 am and 10:00 am on Sunday. If the live stream has not started or if the live stream is over, you will see a mottled gray background and no church “tree logo.”

Step 2:  Click on the white arrow in the middle of the screen in the large window above to start viewing the live stream. You should join the live stream in progress. If the live stream has not started or the live stream is over, you will get a “Video unavailable” message.



Step 3: Click on the square in the lower RH corner to enlarge the live stream to full screen.

We don’t have the Comments feature operational yet here on the church website. You have to go to the church YouTube channel or church Facebook page to enter comments or prayer requests during the live stream. You can enter a prayer request at any time here on this church website.

Once the live stream is over, the recorded video of the worship service is stored for later viewing here on the church website, on the church YouTube channel and on the church Facebook page. If you missed the live stream, you can look in any of these three places to view the recording at your convenience.