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Cedar Park First United Methodist Church
Demolition Phase

Following a noon kickoff meeting of some CPFUMC Trustees (Sergio Longoria, Barbara King and Jane Howard) and representatives of Qual-Con construction company, the demolition phase of our Sanctuary Building Renovation project began late Wednesday afternoon, February 24, 2021. The demolition phase has been expanded from its original scope because of the water damage sustained during the winter storms from February 11-19, 2021. Demolition of the lower portions of the Sanctuary Nave, Nursery, Hallway and Narthex walls and affected portions of the ceiling were deemed necessary to remediate the water damage resulting from a burst pipe in the attic which allowed water intrusion for the better part of 2 days. Repair of these areas has been added to the scope of the original restroom renovation project.


Demolition continued on February 25 as the dumpster arrived in the early evening and now debris could be removed from the building.


On February, 26, 2021 we had a visit from our insurance adjuster. He discovered additional moisture in all of the accessible exterior walls and the interior Narthex wall. This means that additional removal of a lower portion of drywall is necessary in the Sanctuary Nave, Narthex and Youth/Conference Room, Kitchen and Nursery — basically every remaining room in the building — in order to dry out the lower portions of the wood wall studs and replace wet insulation in the lower portions of the walls. In addition, we need to completely demo and replace the altar platform carpet. We learned that the insurance company will pay for the demo and reconstruction of everything (minus our deductible) except any plumbing that is broken. The only broken plumbing is the water heater supply line in the attic which started this whole saga. The Trustees have decided to relocate the hot water heater out of the attic to a heated area on the ground floor to be determined.


We contacted an additional water remediation company to perform additional drywall removal for remediation of the water damage discovered by the insurance adjuster. They also brought in five dehumidifiers. By March 1, 2021 the additional remediation-related demolition was completed. The remediation company came to reclaim their dehumidifiers which had dried out the building to below 50% Relative Humidity.


Demolition Phase Walkthru Video 25Feb21 (5:44)

Facebook Live Streamed Walkthru Video 27Feb21 (15:44)

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