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Cedar Park First United Methodist Church
Rough Electrical Phase

The Rough Electrical phase began on April 20, 2021 with a visit from the electricians. They demoed some electrical equipment and conduit including the ceiling fixture that had been “framed” and the fan in the ceiling of old Men’s restroom (we are happy to see that noisy thing gone!) They also added a slave electrical outlet above the counter level on the east wall in the Nursery. The electricians returned again on April 22. They added the rough electrical wires and light boxes for the new restroom sinks. They also added a new outlet in the Nursery on the west wall near the NW corner. This will be accessible once we get furniture back in the room. We finally passed our Rough Electrical inspection on May 4, 2021. We also got the additional electrical outlet in the Nursery wired on May 10. Now it looks like we can keep going on the project.



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