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Cedar Park First United Methodist Church
Drywall Installation

Drywall Installation began on 13May21. The crew arrived onsite before 7:30 am and began hanging the 4×8 sheets of purple, water-resistant drywall. They worked exclusively in the restroom renovation area. Regular grade drywall will go above the water-resistant type up to the ceiling. They also installed insulation in all of the restroom walls. They made excellent progress and left around 4 pm. Now we need an insulation inspection.


An insulation inspection occurred in the morning on 14May21. We have to install more insulation in the lower 2ft before we will pass. Additional drywall and missing insulation were installed on May 14 and 17, but walls were not completely enclosed except for the hallway. We passed the insulation inspection on Tuesday afternoon, May 18. Drywall installation continued on May 18, 19 and 20.


Drywall installation continued on Monday, May 24th, mostly  in the Sanctuary. The installers got another shipment of drywall to help them along. By the end of the day, the Sanctuary was about 97% completed, including the storage closet near the piano! Excellent progress!


On May 25 the drywall installers were in high gear, finishing almost the entire building. The NW corner of the Sanctuary was left open for the electrician who re-installed our existing electrical outlet to a stud, now that the wall was open in that corner. This area is where there will be ethernet and fiber cable terminations and networking equipment installed, so they cut one drywall  panel to cover the whole area. The holes for all the wires will come next now that the outlet is moved and then the drywall panel can be mounted. The crew did a nice job of cleaning up at the end of the day. Installing drywall is a messy business!


On Wednesday, May 26 a team of five or six workers came in to tape and float the drywall which had been installed to date. They started in the Sanctuary, which was nice for our Sunday morning live streaming services. Part of their team worked in the Narthex, Nursery, hallway and Youth Room. One fellow had stilts to reach the high places (see video below). It was nice to see walls again! The drywalling team worked into the early evening on the 26th.


On Memorial Day, May 31, the final float team was in working out all the rough spots in the previous tape & float efforts. They did the entire building (all rooms) in one day. This is great preparation for the final sanding just prior to painting.


On June 4, the drywall crew finished off the NW corner of the Sanctuary filling in the doorway to the Storage Room and installing a drywall panel with holes for the duplex electrical outlet, network and A/V cables to the Sound Booth and network wall jack and faceplate. They also finished replacing drywall in a large portion of the Narthex ceiling damaged in the winter storm. In addition, they installed a door in the Mop Closet and installed special waterproof interior wall plate inside the Mop Closet.


A week later, on June 11, the drywall crew was back again to finish up some areas which had not yet been taped and floated: the NW corner of the Sanctuary and the Narthex ceiling. They also made numerous touch-ups on the Sanctuary walls where chair rails or baseboards had been removed. In fact we saw some mold in baseboard areas which were removed for the first time since the February accident. These are dried out, but they will be sprayed with anti-bacterial enzyme before they are painted.


A single drywall guy, Eduardo, worked all day on Saturday, June 12, to finalize the floating on the recently taped areas: the NW corner, the back of the sealed doorway, the storage room and the Narthex ceiling. It looks ready for painting!


Drywall Tape & Float Video (0:15)


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